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Linotype FontExplorer X

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FontExplorerX123.dmg (9.64 MB)
MD5: c500ddf019966f0f4ba6e1d8f1b961da
For Mac OS X
This app works with: QEMU

   Later today, Linotype will announce FontExplorer™ X, a full-featured font manager for OS X that will go head-to-head with current front-runners Suitcase and FontAgent Pro.

   FontExplorer X will preview, organize, and auto-activate fonts, but its most alluring feature might be its iTunes-like interface. This is genius. Managing fonts isn’t all that different than managing music, so why not copy the UI of the most popular music app in the world? Users will also be able to purchase fonts from Linotype and other vendors from the Linotype Font Store within the app — in a manner very similar to the iTunes Music Store.
   - excerpt adapted from Typographica.

Linotype FontExplorer X sets a new standard for font management software. After several relatively sad years for all font users searching for a professional font manager, Linotype is pleased to fill the gap with the new FontExplorer X. Font management has never been so simple, and font sorting, font shopping, and font discovery are now more fun than ever. Linotype FontExplorer X gives users all the font functions they could need, and lets them decide how deeply they wish to dive into various font themes.

Discover your fonts
Take time to rediscover your font collection. With FontExplorer X’s freely configurable preview and information area you can easily maneuver through the world of fonts.

Organize your fonts
You decide where to store your font files, and when Linotype FontExplorer X should take over their management. Whether you want to use a folder structure, a Set, a Smart Set, or integrate with Apple’s Font Collections, you decide where your fonts will be placed, and how they will be sorted.

Import and export fonts
Whether you want to add a font folder or just a single font file, drag & drop is always available, allowing fonts to be imported with just one mouse click. There is no simpler and easier way.

You can export font previews, or the fonts themselves, zipped or in a disk image.

Font information
Linotype FontExplorer X knows everything about your fonts, and will tell you all about them — but only if you want to know it. In a straightforward window, you can view all of the information that interests you, allowing you to quickly and effectively compare and assess your fonts.

Easy font activation and deactivation
Activate or deactivate fonts in many ways: Click on a checkbox, a button, right click on it to bring up a contextual menu or use a keyboard shortcut.

Linotype FontExplorer X even supports Auto-Activation.

Additional tools and functions
Besides the functions for organizing your fonts in Linotype FontExplorer X found in the user interface, there are additional functions available from the "File" and "Tools" menu, such as scanning documents for contained fonts or cleaning the font caches.

Handle font conflicts
Linotype FontExplorer X is designed to support all your daily work involving fonts on your computer system. One of many valuable features is the ability to detect conflicts in the collection of fonts that is installed on your computer.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Mac OS X 10.3.9 through 10.5.8