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Life 5.0

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For Mac OS X
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A simple implementation of the famous Game of Life cellular automaton from John Conway. Rules could be changed as well as window size and generation speed. A folder of patterns accompanies the main application. Freeware.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Life 5.0 requires MacOSX. This is a universal binary application.

No information available about minimal requirements. Since this version has been released in Fall 2006, it make sense to assume that it requires at least MacOSX 10.4 Tiger to run, probably less.

Tested with MacOSX 10.6 Snow Leopard: works fine most of the time but impossible to open patterns from the File menu [double-click on pattern icons instead] and refuse sometimes to stop the animation from the Life menu.


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by Idéfix - 2018, December 9 - 2:05am

For those who would like to have the latest and the most powerful tool for the study of cellular automata [or just for plain and simple fun], I strongly recommand to download the open-source application Golly. A high quality software able to run on different platforms: Windows (XP+), MacOSX (10.6+), Linux (w/GTK+ 2.x), iPad, and Android tablets.