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Lest We Forget

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Lest We Forget : A History of the Holocaust

Lest We Forget is essentially a book: several text chapters, with multimedia (photographs, audio and video clips, charts and maps). Mercifully, the full text can be read outside of the designed presentation program.

entry in Cybrary of the Holocaust, page

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Lest We Forget, A History of the Holocaust combines photography, film footage, and sound with the historian's craft of information and context to permit an incomparable study of the Holocaust—from persecution, to extermination, to the aftermath—with emotion and thoughtfulness.

This exceptionally poignant and thoughtful work on a defining event in human history utilizes rare archival film footage, historical speeches, original music, and documentary photographs to elicit powerful emotions. An original text by Professor David Cesarani, (Academic Consultant to the Wiener Library, London, and Professor of Modern Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester), provides a thorough historical and scholarly perspective to a story which must never be forgotten.

Discretion Is Advised
This CD-ROM deals with one of the darkest stains on the course of human history. It portrays a factual account of the events and actions of the Holocaust. While keeping true to the story that must be told, it is necessary at times to include disturbing facts and footage. Due to the graphic and emotional nature of the subject, some material included in this CD may not be suitable for all audiences.

Lest We Forget, A History of the Holocaust, is marketed by Logos Research Systems, Inc. under exclusive license from Endless S.A. It was developed by Endless S.A. and is published jointly by Endless S.A., Sitac, and Media Investment Club.

Lest We Forget is a registered trademark of Dr. Franklin H. Littell, used by permission.

Exclusively distributed in this territory by: News Multimedia Ltd. PO Box 495, Virginia Street, London E1 9XY
Registered 2962356, England and Wales

Is this abandonware?

The developer and distributor companies seem to no longer exist. When asked about redistribution, Logos very politely replied:

Logos did not develop or own this product. We were only assigned
distribution rights for a limited time. We had no ownership rights nor did
we have any rights to grant anyone else distribution. The primary producer
of "Lest We Forget" died a few years back. The technology company, Endless
SA, dissolved (as far as I know). The engine they developed to run this
product has not been updated at all since the 90's. I would be surprised
if it could perform at all under Windows 7.

I think Bill Nienhuis is a gentleman, and Logos Bible Software is a good company. Such good communication is lacking from most U.S. companies today.

Architecture: 68k PPC

I verify it works in OS 9, OS X Classic.

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