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Leopard WebKit

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WebKit-604.5.6_2-Leopard-PowerPC.dmg (47.91 MB)
MD5: b9d9cfad625c7eea4996ff388d7ba2e7
For Mac OS X
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Leopard WebKit is a port of WebKit 604.5.6 to Mac OS X Leopard. It is roughly equivalent in standards and website compatibility to Safari 11 (as opposed to the system default of Safari 5).

It was last updated in October 2018.

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard


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by z970 - 2020, August 22 - 8:19pm

I've heard that there was an issue with some version of Safari once that prompted crashes when the minimum font size was not set to 2.

So, I've set the minimum font size to 2 on all my Leopard WebKit installs (when I still used it, that is), and do not click anywhere on the page when the spinning pinwheel of death appears (because I have noticed it is more likely to crash when there is compounded user input when the pinwheel happens).

As long as you do that, it should not be quite so crash-happy as before. An ad-blocking style sheet, proxy, or hosts file like MVPS Hosts to lessen resource demand (lowering the chance of the pinwheel) ought to help too.

In the event it does crash, you need to open it again, quit the application, then open it a second time, and it should start functioning once more. This will remove the need to reboot every time it crashes, if it does.