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Guides on emulating older applications

"LearnPS" is a HyperCard stack to learn PostScript, released in autumn 1988 and authored by John F. Sherman from Carnegie Mellon University (link).
It is a computer–based interactive tutorial, featuring examples and animations, illustrating key concepts of PostScript Level 1.

The book "Taking Advantage of PostScript" (link) by John F. Sherman, released in 1991, grew out of this HyperCard stack, extending its content to PostScript Level 2. It was accompanied with LearnPS on a disk.

It was also featured in some books on postscript technology by Peter Vollenweider from University Zurich (link).

Download link above provides the PDF of "Taking Advantage of PostScript"

We are still in search of the original HyperCard stack "LearnPS" (see also discussion in the Forum) !
If you have a copy of it, please upload it to this page !

Architecture: 68k