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Launch Pad

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MD5: 0b0115b7f9db2bf9d229a53f8d8ebb5a
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

Have you ever wanted to let children use your computer, but were afraid to find your taxes redone? Now you can give kids their very own place on your computer, and also keep your work out of their reach.

Launch Pad is a colorful and enchanting children's desktop that contains dinosaurs, castles, spaceships and more. Launch Pad also protects your files while kids play on the computer. Kids have their own accounts and are free to use the programs you have approved, but they cannot open, change or delete your applications or documents.

When Launch Pad starts, children are greeted by Bingo, the Launch Pad mascot, and his Rocket Car. Kids simply click their own special key and the fun begins. Once they're in the driver's seat, they can explore scenes populated with animated characters, open programs you have chosen for them, store and retrieve their creations, and use their own special desk accessories (including a talking clock, calculator and tape recorder).

When you're ready to work, just quit Launch Pad with your special password, and you're back to your standard desktop with everything just as you left it.