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LaCie Silverlining Lite 1.0.3 & 2.2.2 + VirtualDisk Lite (D.)

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For System 6.x - Mac OS 8 - 8.1
Guides on emulating older applications

Silverlining Lite is a Control Panel which provides essential Macintosh drive management functions for locally attached drives. Use Silverlining Lite to quickly mount and unmount volumes, change SCSI polling preferences, format drives, and erase volumes.
VirtualDisk Lite is an automatic removable-media cataloging program. Installed as a Control Panel, VirtualDisk Lite runs in the background and automatically catalogs all floppies, cartridges, and other removable media as they are ejected.

See Also: The full version of VirtualDisk v2.0.2 (English)

Architecture: 68k

Silverlining Lite v1.0.3 is compatible with SCSI hard drives and removable drives.
VirtualDisk Lite 2.0.3b1 works with drives and cartridges initialized by Silverlining Full Version, including drives and cartridges with multiple partitions.

Silverlining Lite v2.2.2 is compatible with SCSI hard drives and removable drives, and Macintosh IDE hard drives and removable cartridge drives.

Silverlining Lite is compatible with all SCSI based Macintosh models (including PowerBooks, AV's and Power PCs), Macintosh System Software versions 6.x and 7.x (including 7.5); and SCSI Manager 4.3 (including Macintosh's that support multiple SCSI buses) and (v2.2.2) Macintosh IDE drives.