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LabLink for the ST-350 Radiation Count

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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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The ST350 Radiation Counter brings new dimensions to Nuclear Science instruction and Health Physics training. By incorporating a specialized microcontroller, many of the features previously found only in multiple products are now combined in a single inexpensive instrument.

The classical nuclear scaler function has now been extended to include a timer, preset counter, digital ratemeter with alarm, computer interface and a battery option for field applications. When constant counting statistics are required, the preset count mode can be extremely useful and the digital ratemeter is ideal for contamination survey work. An alarm level may be set to any pre-selected value and if the count rate exceeds this level, the audible alarm is sounded warning of a high activity condition.

High voltage is fully variable from 0 to +1200 volts, allowing operation with many types of GM tubes. The supply is fully regulated and controlled by the processor for digital accuracy and readout on the display. Extra large LED's are used for the digital display for clear visual readout under widely differing ambient light conditions with leading zero suppression for clarity.

Classroom demonstrations and nuclear experiments may now be run directly from a Macintosh computer using the on-line serial data link built into the ST350 and LabLink emulation software. All functions of the Radiation Counter are accessible and may be controlled from the computer, including the high voltage setting for the GM tube. The Radiation Counter software supplied produces computer screen displays of all functions including analog emulation of the ratemeter mode.

Real-time data is automatically transferred to the computer and stored in spreadsheet compatible files. Data analysis and graphical presentation is now possible using many common spreadsheet programs bringing new techniques to Nuclear Science education.

Optional batteries may be installed in the ST350 making the instrument fully portable. An AC to DC line converter/charger is supplied for continuous benchtop operation with or without the batteries installed.