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KPT Actions

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kpt_actions.sit (4.52 MB)
MD5: edd91aa3f8d4f676e1acde07e3545fc3
For System 7.0 - 7.6
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"KPT Actions is a natural addition to the leading graphics and imaging plug-in, Kai's Power Tools 3, and gives digital designers all the benefits of the new Actions palette included in Photoshop 4," said John Wilczak, Co-founder and CEO of MetaTools. "We are extremely pleased to have created another tool that increases productivity and ease of use for graphic designers who use our products."

Designed for those who use Photoshop 4 and own Kai's Power Tools 3, KPT Actions will automate all of the imaging tasks that the filters in Kai's Power Tools 3 can perform by taking advantage of Photoshop 4's new recordable actions feature. Common uses of Kai's Power Tools 3 include creating Gradient Designer-built buttons and frames, applying Gaussian Blurs and Sharpen Intensity to a series of images, applying textures to 3D text and backgrounds creating a series of KPT movie frames that can now be recorded into one button which can be saved and then replayed.

See Also: Kai's Power Tools 3.0, Photoshop 4.0

Architecture: 68k PPC

Power Macintosh (recommended) or 68040-based Macintosh with FPU, SSW 7.5 or greater, 16- or 24-bit video, 16 MB RAM, 5MB free hard drive space