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KeyCAD 1.0.3

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Year released:
Download keycad103.sit (434.46 KB)
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,
Architecture: 68k


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by meeno - 2012, July 16 - 10:12am

just a little headache. but ok.

by 24bit - 2012, July 16 - 8:45am

You have to click on "Upload a screenshot or edit this page" and dowload it from there.
Its an old story, the links have to be updated manually, so that can take its time. Smile

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by meeno - 2012, July 16 - 3:09am

Your Download link not work.
that is the problem!!

by 24bit - 2012, July 15 - 4:24pm

MG´s upload feature can be tricky. Try the first button that shows up when scrolling down.
I have made it in the "you have to add acomment" loop several times too. Smile
I´ll try to stuff the file with 3.6 and ul later maybe.

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by meeno - 2012, July 15 - 4:09am

sorry, no document. but found some screen shot from this website.

Could you tell me howto upload to this site? (without errors) Sad(
I use OS 9.2 (Classic on iMac G4) and this works very smoothly

by 24bit - 2012, July 14 - 9:41pm

Thanks for sharing!
May I ask why you did not upload to the MG server?
Do you have some kind of manual or quickstart guide too maybe?
BTW: The app is coded "68k only" according to NativeChecker.