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Kai's Power Tools 5

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MD5: 7063059951c4e1f52f0452d5109f2a66
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

MetaCreations Ships Kai's Power Tools Version 5

World-Famous Photoshop Plug-ins for Creative Content In Print and On the Web

Carpinteria, CA, December 2, 1998 -- MetaCreations Corp. (Nasdaq: MCRE) announced today the release of a new version of Kai’s Power Tools® (KPT®), a set of ten plug-in applications for use within Adobe® Photoshop®. The new version, KPT 5, provides professional designers and illustrators, Web authors, photographers, and digital artists with brand-new powerful effects to enhance their digital creative content. KPT 5 is perfect for creating easily reproducible Web buttons, eye-catching banners and unique backgrounds.

"The definition of KPT has always been ‘tools to create something totally new’ and I am very happy that this iteration will be even more unique than many expect," said Kai Krause, chief design officer of MetaCreations. "We hope that designers all over the world will quickly embrace these as must-have tools in the pursuit of visual beauty."

Introduced in 1992, the award-winning Kai’s Power Tools offer artists and designers unique tools to help them create powerful images. KPT-generated effects are used to enhance artwork used in print, multimedia projects, Web sites and broadcast television projects. In addition to working with Adobe Photoshop, KPT 5 will work with any image editing application that is 100% Adobe Photoshop plug-in compatible.

"The new KPT 5 filters provide me with a comprehensive suite of image manipulation options. It has great potential as an Internet tool and will likely become a staple in the tool-bag of Web professionals," said Mark Sturgell, owner of NetMar Consultants, Dayton, OH, and a beta tester of KPT 5.

KPT 5 New Plug-In Applications

KPT 5 includes ten new plug-in applications, divided into real-time 3D tools, particle growth effects and professional blurs. To give digital artists more control over these effects, the KPT 5 interface has been refined to offer precise access to numerical values, real-time interactive previews of all operations and user-customizable options.

New plug-in applications featured in KPT 5:

KPT® ShapeShifter creates shapes and objects with refracting glass edges, 3D light sources on beveled metallic surfaces, soft, curved and lit Web buttons, and text. Resulting elements carry their masks with them, which makes compositing a snap.

KPT® Orb-It explodes a source image into thousands of spheres with variations in size, density, and realistic 3D lighting. Produce fields of bubbles, raindrops, and giant lenses, incredible text effects, and mind-boggling distortions.

KPT® FiberOptix creates anything from furry text, to green shag carpet, pink plastic silly string, and lush creeping vines. Every strand and fiber is a true 3D object. Masks are generated from the 3D data, enabling easy compositing.

KPT® Blurrrr is a professional suite of nine filters including the classic zoom, spin, and other indispensable blurs updated with real-time previews, pro-precision 64-bit color, and 128-bit math with new algorithms and variations.

KPT® Noize includes a large collection of noises, the best source for textures and painting effects. Select a noise and an apply option, then add it to your image for a large array of effects.

KPT® RadWarp warps the edges of an image to correct or create a camera effect known as a "barrel distortion." Also use it to quickly create cool text effects.

KPT® Smoothie cleans up "dirty" masks in seconds instead of hours. Kai’s trick to ultra-smooth edges on black alpha masks is now a real-time plug-in application.

KPT® FraxPlorer is the new, definitive Fractal Explorer featuring real-time fly-throughs, 1000% larger previews, a never-before-seen infinite zoom tool and brand-new fractal styles.

KPT® Frax4D lets anyone explore 3D and 4D fractals in 3D space. Create 3D fractal sculpture and wrap with any environment maps (such as gold, silver or gels) to create incredible images.

KPT® FraxFlame creates ethereal fractals that look like natural phenomena. Choose from a selection of different flame styles, then explore the fractals and render them as images.

Pricing and Availability:

KPT 5 is available now through national retail outlets, in catalogs, and direct from MetaCreations at an SRP of US $199. Upgrades to registered users of KPT are available for US $99.

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Architecture: PPC

System Requirements:

Windows: Pentium 166 MHz (or compatible) or faster, Windows 95/98/NT4, Photoshop 3/4/5 or 100% compatible host, 32MB RAM, 50MB free hard disk space, 24-bit color video, color monitor, CD-ROM drive. Recommended: Pentium 266 MHz or faster, 64MB RAM or greater.

Macintosh: PowerPC based Macintosh, Mac OS 7.6.1 or later, Photoshop 3/4/5 or 100% compatible host, 32MB RAM, 50MB hard disk space, 24-bit color video, color monitor, CD-ROM drive. Recommended: 64MB host application RAM or greater.