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Kai's Power SHOW 1.1

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SHOW_CD.iso (254.09 MB)
MD5: 7bb2458e9e70fedc8b31344929a388af
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, QEMU

MetaCreations Corp. has upped the ante in presentation software with Kai's Power SHOW 1.1, a new home photo and business presentation software player.

Kai's Power SHOW is MetaCreations' latest addition to the company's suite of products for home and office creativity. SHOW allows creative home consumers, small office/home office and corporate professionals to quickly and easily sort, sequence and present photographs, business slides, artwork and video clips to add pizzazz to everything from sales projections to vacation slide shows, all for $49.95.

This new, enhanced version of SHOW performs under Windows 98 and offers simplified text creation and editing; support for Intel MMX technology; expanded sequencing capabilities; a self-running SHOW demo; and more.

SHOW provides consumers with a simple way to import, sequence and share digital media: use images from digital cameras, scanners, the Web and slides from business presentation software packages such as PowerPoint (PC only); add TV-like animated text and special effects transitions; and integrate it all with sound clips from SHOW's sound effects library or your own audio CD.

A completed show can then be shared with family and friends or business associates via computer monitor, projector, printer, the included SHOW Player software or the Web.

"Kai's Power SHOW incorporates professional-level capabilities into an affordable software package that encourages anyone to create and share presentations with ease."

For consumers, the applications are numerous. Mom and Dad can dazzle the PTA with a creative display of transitions and animated text when making recommendations to the board. Children can make a positive impression on their classmates, as well as earn an `A' for that oral/visual report on "What I Did This Summer."

For the business professional, Kai's Power SHOW provides the creative power to develop or enhance high-impact presentations that captivate and compel audiences. The current competitive environment demands that ideas be expressed not only clearly but also distinctly. SHOW offers executives and small business owners an engaging, visual edge when introducing ideas to colleagues or clients.

In addition, SHOW contains a collection of corporate-style backgrounds and formatted text templates such as profit/loss statements and bullet-point text blocks that can be instantly customized. The text can be sized, spaced and aligned to exact specifications.

Kai's Power SHOW features a simple yet sophisticated interface designed to encourage any user, regardless of skill level or artistic ability, to create and share presentations with ease. Consumers familiar with other MetaCreations consumer products such as Kai's Photo SOAP or Kai's SuperGOO will recognize a similar "look and feel" as well as the room-to-room workflow concept where a specific room is dedicated to performing a series of related tasks.

SHOW is divided into four rooms: the IN, SORT, EDIT and OUT rooms. By progressing through each room, users can import digital content; sort and sequence; add sound effects, animated text effects and slide transitions; and then save and share completed shows.

DL #1: Hybrid image of the software CD from MetaCreations.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Windows)

Minimum system requirements