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Java SE 6 Release 1 Developer Preview for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

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Java_SE_6_Release_1_DP_5.dmg (51.06 MB)
MD5: d6dd7f8f57a8cd3b18db03ea93f6a109
For Mac OS X
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Java_SE_6_Release_1_DP_5_-_Developer_Docs.dmg (44.36 MB)
MD5: 72acf3599dff8b1937dfda647cda28ac
For Mac OS X
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Java_SE_6_Release_1_DP_6.dmg (50.99 MB)
MD5: 71a5cd8c2a3c7031fb8823763c8f102b
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

After Apple's switch from the PowerPC processors to the Intel processors for its Macintosh computers in 2006 and the switch to 64-bit Intel processors only with the introduction of the Core 2 Duo processor in 2007, the runtime environment for the latest version Java 6 was released for the 64-bit Intel platform only, leaving the PowerPC and 32-bit Intel platform behind, with Java 5.

Despite that fact, there were some Developer Preview releases of Java 6 that run also on the PowerPC and 32-bit Intel platform. The Developer Review supplies the JIT-compiler (Java HotSpot Core VM) only for the Intel platform, that means the Java VM runs in interpreter mode only on the PowerPC platform.

From the Readme:

Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6 Release 1 Developer Preview adds Java SE 6 support to your Mac. This Developer Preview does not replace the existing installation of J2SE 5.0. This Developer Preview requires Mac OS X v10.4.5 or later.

This build has received only limited testing and should not be installed on a system with critical data.

See links below for install instructions.

The 1st download is Java SE 6 Release 1 Developer Preview 5.
The 2nd download is Java SE 6 Release 1 Developer Preview 5 - Developer Docs.
The 3rd download is Java SE 6 Release 1 Developer Preview 6.

More information:
Apple - Mac OS X 10.5: Developer preview of Java SE 6 for Leopard available from the Apple Developer Connection
Apple - Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1

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Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Mac OS X 10.4.5 and later

Does NOT work on Leopard, Installing on Leopard will damage your Java installation.
Leopard already includes a version of Java 6, but it only functions on 64-bit intel processors.
If you are running Leopard on a 32-bit intel Mac and would like to run Java 6 apps, I recommend using SoyLatte.
If you are running Leopard on a PowerPC Mac and would like to run Java 6 (or 7) apps, I recommend using OpenJDK 7.


Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, August 26 - 12:49am

OK, so it turns out OpenJDK 7 on Leopard is no better than JavaSE 6 dp6: the exact same problems I described are equally applicable with OpenJDK7: you can get both to be properly reported and seen on Terminal with "java -version", but many apps won't recognize either of those two under Leopard, and will still think you only have Java 1.5 installed at the most, probably because of Java not listing either.

It'd be nice to have a working solution for this, even if it means "hacking away" and butchering .plists left and right. Because that's nothing but a silly Java version detection issue for those apps.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, August 23 - 2:04am

So, I actually followed that guide for PowerPC Leopard. I can personally confirm it doesn't work. You will get version 1.6 to be reported on Terminal when entering "java -version", yes, but most programs won't see it (tested with JDownloader 2 and Arduino IDE, both fail exactly the same way), perhaps because it doesn't show up under "Java", and trying to extract and use the new "Java" just crashed for me.

There's also an issue in the tutorial: it only works if you have a non-null, non-empty password for your root/admin account, due to a bug ("feature"?) on Leopard, where getting root privileges silently fails. Not at all an issue under Tiger. So for anyone trying to follow that guide, keep that in mind, and make sure a password is set, even if only temporarily just for the procedure.

I think it should be possible to get this version of Java on PPC Leopard, but that procedure is incomplete. If someone could get the installed Java 1.6.0-dp6 to show up on "Java", it might be a step forward towards that goal. The tutorial simply seems to be missing some final steps.

In contrast, following the guide to install this on Tiger is super easy. The Java 1.6 apps, in their majority, actually correctly work. And you can cleanly switch between Java 1.6 and 1.5 in the (new) Java Preferences app.

Anyway, for now, it seems that the recommendation of installing OpenJDK7 instead for Leopard sounds indeed like a far better option. Even if Java apps then lose the "OS X look and feel". As long as they work.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, August 19 - 9:23am

According to this, it seems it is possible to install this version of Java on Leopard, as well, without "damaging the installation", contrary to the current description on this page. Worth noting, despite OpenJDK7 being also an option.

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by dr.zeissler - 2016, December 3 - 12:05am


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by themacmeister - 2016, April 2 - 3:50am

nice upload...