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Infini-D 4.0

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MD5: 5acb10dac2989380629b748537c7b403
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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This app works with: SheepShaver, QEMU

MetaCreations Ships Infini-D 4.0 for Power Macintosh

Major New Version Features Seamless Integration With Digital Video, Powerful Special Effects and Advanced Interface

Carpinteria, CA, June 26, 1997 -- MetaCreations Corporation (Nasdaq: MCRE) today announced the release of Infini-D 4.0 for Power Macintosh, the ground-breaking version of its professional 3D animation program. Infini-D 4.0 represents the largest revision the software has undergone in its six-year history. An unprecedented combination of video integration, 3D animation power, high-end special effects and a truly interactive working environment make Infini-D 4.0 ideal for video professionals in both the broadcast and corporate arenas.

Infini-D 4.0 has been designed with video professionals in mind, delivering tight broadcast quality video integration and fast feedback needed to create high-quality 3D animations in a production environment. The new real-time preview over video instantly shows how the animation will composite over background video and the audio track in the sequencer makes synchronizing animation events to audio a breeze. A host of updated rendering features like field rendering, non-square pixels and full NTSC/PAL color correction make Infini-D 4.0's output truly broadcast quality.

"Infini-D 4.0 delivers powerful 3D digital video and animation production capabilities. This product expands our drive to provide professionals and prosumers with affordable, state-of-the-art tools," said John Wilczak, CEO and President, MetaCreations Corporation.

Infini-D version 4.0 introduces a comprehensive list of dynamic special effects features with performance and results that rival far more expensive packages. Professional video artists have asked for, and will now receive, sophisticated particle systems with real-time rendering and full control over particle life span, color, emit rate, gravity and collision detection. Volumetric lighting effects for rich visible light beams and customizable soft shadows deliver a vastly expanded range of lighting effects. Also included is a powerful set of deformation tools that quickly and easily create sophisticated 3D morphing effects. Working directly in the scene, artists can now apply Bulge, Bend, Twist, Taper, Shear, Wave and other effects to any object, obtaining multiple deformations at once.

"We've taken some of the top features of much more expensive 3D applications and added them together in version 4.0 with a sophisticated new interface creating the boldest upgrade of Infini-D yet," said Frank Casanova, MetaCreations VP of Product Management & Design. "The functionality in Infini-D 4.0, with its preview over video, particle systems, volumetric lighting and scanline renderer makes it a truly broadcast-level tool."

Working in a 3D environment has never been the easiest of tasks, but now Infini-D's re-designed interface makes the experience much easier. Controls are now displayed in a new context-sensitive Command Floater. Camera and spotlight positioning has been enhanced with visible field-of-view, targets and real-time manipulation. Overall wireframe rendering performance has been optimized, allowing real-time scene manipulation and animation previews.

At the core of Infini-D 4.0 is the completely re-written scanline renderer that delivers greatly enhanced image quality with MIP mapping and summation tables, enhanced anti-aliasing, true reflections in Phong shading and the unique distinction that supports Adobe After Effects filters directly in the 3D environment. The mesh editor allows digital artists and animators to edit 3D objects in much greater detail by manipulating individual points or groups of points on any 3D object's surface. Used in conjunction with Infini-D's already powerful spline modeler, the mesh editor makes modeling a much more precise process.

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