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iHam on iRye 2.0

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iHam_on_iRye_2.0.sit (3.55 MB)
MD5: d19d300d2a346593f700cf392a7e716d
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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iHam on iRye is a set of applications designed to allow you to control iTunes from another computer on a LAN network. iHam on iRye lets you control just about every function iTunes provides from any other Mac OS-based computer on your network. Great at parties (use it as a remote jukebox)! (Publisher description)

iHam on iRye consists of three applications:
iHam on iRye iServer - is the application that controls iTunes on the "server" Mac
iHam on iRye iClient - is the remote control application on the remote Mac

iHam on iRye iAdmin - is the configuration utility on the "server" Mac.

Architecture: PPC

Client requirements: Mac OS 8.6 with CarbonLib 1.6/Mac OS X 10.1
Admin and Server requirements: Mac OS 9.0 with CarbonLib 1.6/Mac OS X 10.1
iTunes 2.0.4 or higher (at the time when iHam on iRye 2.0 was released)
Mac OS Classic clients require 8 MB free RAM
TCP/IP-based LAN recommended
iHam on iRye may also function over an internet connection.