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HyperCard 1.2.5

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HyperCard_1.2.5.sit (1.09 MB)
MD5: 90b2742f57ae1704e7e9af2630dee642
For System 6.x
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HyperCard_1.2.5_Disks.sit (1.17 MB)
MD5: e27e860c24b5c7554be81d9f7c83569e
For System 6.x
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (69.95 MB)
MD5: 81f3df158883602c68d5e10284b1c0df
For System 6.x
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (43.35 MB)
MD5: c2565b6116123ed884d213b3633bd28a
For System 6.x
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HyperCard_1.2.5_ITA.sit (1.38 MB)
MD5: 220eaf85801d2678cd42811b92fae8f3
For System 6.x
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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de

What can you do with HyperCard?

Well, lots of things. For starters, you can use it to organize all that information that takes up precious space on your desk and in your mind. Addresses. Telephone numbers. Birthdays.

You can also use it to create a personalized calendar. If you simply "link" your datebook to your "to-do" list, the things you don't get done today will automatically appear on your "to-do" list tomorrow.

With HyperCard, you can create your own interactive presentations. You can respond to tough questions and leap to associated topics—all without ever getting off track.

You can use it to publish information in a way that lets readers peruse it based on their interests—in a way that ordinary books could never permit.

HyperCard also allows you to bring diverse media together. Using software toolkits, you can use it to control a videodisc player or compact disk player—all from your Macintosh®.

You can even extend HyperCard to be used as a front end to information stored on less friendly computers, such as mainframes or minicomputers.

Sound good? Well, it's just the start. Open this package, and start getting familiar with all the phenomenal things you can do with HyperCard.

Bill Atkinson's astounding development tool basically invented hypermedia years before the World Wide Web. It became very popular as an educational tool but fell into decline as the Internet exploded.

See also: HyperCard 1.0.1, HyperCard Z1-1.2.2 (Australian), HyperCard DK-1.2.2 (Danish), HyperCard C1-2.0v2 (French), HyperCard 2.1b13 (Beta), HyperCard 2.1, HyperCard 2.2, HyperCard 2.3 + Addmotion II, HyperCard 2.4.1

Architecture: 68k

First release to support 32-bit QuickDraw, Macintosh IIci and Macintosh Portable computers.

Version 1.2.5 raises the minimum OS requirement to System 6.0.4.


Duality's picture
by Duality - 2019, January 22 - 6:49am

It's the full version of 1.2.5, as far as I can tell. I did upload a fresh set of write protected disks so you can compare them for yourself. Only three disks slotted in a folder with friendly musings.

As far as the real manuals go, they're in a spiral bound book so it shouldn't be hard to scan and OCR them compared to paperback material. Probably a good idea to have those covered at some point. scanned and uploaded.

someperson's picture
by someperson - 2010, July 28 - 9:26pm

Is this the full version? That download looks very small.

I have a full set of Hypercard 1.1.0 disks, and it comes on 3 800k disks plus 1 for booting the system. I'll post a copy soon.

rpangrazio's picture
by rpangrazio - 2010, March 13 - 5:58pm

Does anyone have the manual for this version in electronic format? I have the paper version but I don't want to use it to much because I am afraid of damaging it.

Temporary Joe's picture
by Temporary Joe - 2009, December 22 - 3:35pm

This does have the included stacks, right? I'd be disappointed if it didn't. That way, I'd use the included stacks with HyperCard 2.