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HyperCard 1.0.1

Game screenshot
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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
HyperCard.sit (2.36 MB)
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
hcard.sit (1,005.39 KB)
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x

This is an early version of HyperCard, version 1.0.1. It is a set of four Disk Copy 4.2 images inside a StuffIt 1.5.1 archive.

All the Disk Copy images were made directly from the official original disks, except for "HyperCard & Stacks", which was damaged. Fortunately, the damage only affected the HyperCard program itself, which there was another copy of on the "HyperCard Startup" disk. The image included here for "HyperCard & Stacks" includes all the stacks from the original disk, and the program from the Startup disk, so it should work just like the original.

Added HyperCard D1-1.1 from three original disks as second download.

See also: HyperCard Z1-1.2.2 (Australian), HyperCard DK-1.2.2 (Danish), HyperCard 1.2.5, HyperCard C1-2.0v2 (French), HyperCard 2.1b13 (Beta), HyperCard 2.1, HyperCard 2.2, HyperCard 2.3 + Addmotion II, HyperCard 2.4.1

Architecture: 68k

Official minimum System, Finder and LaserWriter versions supported per platform:

Mac Plus
System 3.2
Finder 5.3
LaserWriter 4.0

Macintosh SE
System 4.0
Finder 5.4
LaserWriter 4.0

Macintosh II
System 4.1
Finder 5.5
LaserWriter 4.0


24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2013, April 29 - 10:07am

@mrdav: No sorry. I did not even know I had the German version, before some cleaning out on the attic.Smile
My Macs always came with German localized OS...

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2013, April 28 - 11:19pm

Thanks for the second upload, 24bit. Do you happen to have a copy of the first one as it seems to be missing from the internal server?

joebob's picture
by joebob - 2012, July 15 - 1:40pm

I get an error when trying to download this.