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For Mac OS X
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From Frogblast's former website:

Frogblast is a clone of the Hotline client software. Frogblast is the result of more than a year of work (on and off...), and is written exclusively for Mac OS X, using Apple's Cocoa APIs. It supports practically the entire 1.2.3 and some of the 1.8 feature set, including threaded news, administrator functions (user booting/banning) and account creation and editing. Frogblast was written for Mac OS X from the ground up, and offers a far better user experience than any of the other available Hotline clients, including the official one.

The documentation also states the following:

(Frogblast) is designed to implement most of the features of the official client, while trying to improve wherever possible on the original software's interface. Hotline 1.8.5 introduced a number of new features, some of which Frogblast does not yet support. Some of these will hopefully be added in future releases.

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Architecture: PPC