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FreeSpace 1.5.3

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MD5: 500cacbd73bc32954c2d8de29d373ad0
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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FreeSpace - Graphical view of your hard disks

Ever wanted to know how much free space you had on all your hard disks, graphically, when you want to copy a large file? 
Ever wanted to know, for fun, how much used space you have on your hard disks? 
You can get all the info with FreeSpace, an addictive freebie.


- Indicates the Free Space available on your volume(s)

- Indicates the Used Space available on your volume(s)

- Indicates the Total Space available on your volume(s)

- Displays a graphical bar with the Free/Total space available on your volumes

FreeSpace will work with any volume (Hard Disk, ZIP, CD-ROM), and will detect HFS, HFS+, ISO9660 and PC volumes. Please note, though, that FreeSpace will detect a maximum of 12 volumes mounted on the desktop (other volumes will be skipped).
Also detects any USB stick or key.

Tested with Mac OS 9.2.2.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

Compatible with Mac OS 9.2.1 PPC with CarbonLib 1.4
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS X 10.1.1


Laurier's picture
by Laurier - 2015, March 15 - 8:49pm

Glad it work for you now.Smile

Gary's picture
by Gary - 2015, March 15 - 2:33pm

OOPS! I spoke too soon. It turns out that the download file was incomplete. I downloaded again and got a fully functional application.

I'm sorry for the hasty report.


Gary's picture
by Gary - 2015, March 15 - 1:52pm

This program is corrupted. After expanding the archive, I found the data fork contains jibberish and the application itself wasn't tagged (type and creator were blank).