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Font A Doodle Doo

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For Mac OS 9
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About 10 years ago I started collecting fonts. I quickly amassed a vast number of them. And I soon discovered that some of them were treasures and a bunch more were junk. Lots of them caused Finder to crash when I tried to open the font suitcase.

I went looking for a font manager app. I found several but none would handle my collection (now 120,000 fonts).

So I decided to write my own.

My project is incomplete. It turns out that Fonts are VERY complex things. Everyone who dealt with Fonts did things "their own way" and invented lots of variants.

This app is the result of about 2 years (part time) of my efforts. I haven't written a User Guide but I will answer questions if you have them.


P.S. I've also submitted this app as an idea for the "Coding Project" ( request. I will contribute all of the code and project files I used to create FontADoodleDoo.

Architecture: PPC

The "Repair" option is incomplete. There is no User Guide.


Gary's picture
by Gary - 2018, May 24 - 4:26pm

I collected over 100 documents related to fonts during my development of this app. It was my goal to repair every font that caused Finder to crash when I opened the font.

I succeeded with that goal. However a more general set of repairs was way more elusive and is only partially implemented.


nil0bject's picture
by nil0bject - 2018, May 23 - 2:46am

Do you have any documentation on the different formats you've learnt to read?

systemseven's picture
by systemseven - 2018, May 15 - 4:40pm

nice idea!