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FLV Crunch - Video Conversion Software

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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

FLV Crunch is somewhat legendary in Mac OpenSource circles for being Free, Ultra-Fast and compatible. H.264 has been hard on a lot of older Mac systems and FLV Crunch can convert from a MASSIVE number of formats to WMV, MOV and old-style MP4 (among MANY others) on most any Mac even clear back to G3s!

Best of all, it defaults to very high-quality conversion and doesn't cause audio-sync problems. While MPEG Streamclip can do somewhat sharper output and combine files, for the vast majority FLV Crunch is simply the best, and converts well over twice as fast.

This is the final version (v1.5.1) that includes completion scripts like "Notification", "Sleep" and "Quit". And also ads native support for Intel chips (through OSX 10.7).

A SUPERB App for both casual and advanced users alike. Many thanks to ProgrammingKidX for his amazing work on this awesome tool for Mac Users. His page is now gone and the app is starting to be hit and miss to locate - a GREAT item to archive for Future Collectors.

NOTE: Licensing Fully-Declares the App free to Share and Distribute.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Universal (PPC/Intel) OSX 10.1-10.7


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by Maximum R.I.S.C. - 2018, February 13 - 10:59pm

P.S. Note - About the only formats I've not had this work for are WebM and m3u8.