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FirePower 1.5.2

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MD5: ce8b9ba12f2679eb4e9892b5d19322bb
This app works with: Basilisk II,

A FreeWare screensaver originally written as the first Power Mac-native screensaver to prevent a performance hit while running a 68k screensaver on a Power Mac. Displays nice fireworks in color with various options. FirePower runs as an application in the background, not a Control Panel or INIT/Extension, so can easily be quit if there are compatibility concerns. Place it in the Startup Items folder under System 7 and it will drop to the background until needed. Offers a password protection feature. Details in the "About..." box and included Readme.

Architecture: 68k PPC

System 7 and 8. Fat binary but works best with a PowerPC in color (supports 68k and b&w displays however). May not play well with the Control Strip (Control Strip seems to leave a white stripe over the FirePower display). Tested to work on an SE/30 in b&w (but reduce the number of fireworks or it will be slow).