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Fairmount (DVD Extractor)

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MD5: b37b0ffd8829206dbdefc0f3f2a5560a
For Mac OS X
This app works with: ScummVM

Version 1.1 (was not available on its own, but bundled with other conversion software).

Is able to extract DVDs that have deliberately bad-blocks beyond Mac-The-Ripper's capability.
Just insert DVD and activate. The disk will momentarily unmount and then reappear as a removable drive (like USB). You can then go into that mounted volume and copy the VIDEO_TS folder to whatever drive you want and point a converter like HandBrake toward it for final conversion.

Please note: Some discs with thousands of bad blocks can take upwards of a week to extract!
Also, apps like HandBrake will name your finished conversion after whatever folder the VIDEO_TS folder is contained in, so make sure the parent folder is the name of the movie.


Tested in 10.4.