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FaceSpan 2.1

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facespan-21.sit (2.75 MB)
MD5: 3723e53a88b09e5474999b5dab1929fa
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

   Back in 1994, Moffat helped develop, test and document the FaceSpan interface builder for AppleScript. He did this while working at SDU (Software Designs Unlimited), which was owned and run by a developer named Leonard (Lee) Buck, who is now at a company called TIBCO. Buck had already developed an enhanced interface builder for HyperCard.

"FaceSpan is essentially a Visual Basic-like environment for building real applications with AppleScript," Moffat told MacCentral. "[...] it's one of the neatest IDEs I've ever used."

Although Apple did put an early version of FaceSpan in the AppleScript box, they never really promoted it, he added. Still, some "incredible" applications were created with it, including the management of editorial writing and newspaper assembly, want ads and catalog production and much more, Moffat said. FaceSpan was also suitable for writing games and much more, he added.
   - excerpt from MacCentral, currently hosted by Macworld.

FaceSpan is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool, based on AppleScript.

FaceSpan lets you quickly and easily build full Mac applications using AppleScript. It allows you to create windows and menus by simply dragging elements from a palette. AppleScript code can be associated with any user interface element to respond to user actions.

[Updated]: Have uploaded re-packaged FaceSpan 2.1 installer files (Disinfected & virus free), in Disk Copy 4.2 format and archived with StuffIt 3.6 for better backwards compatibility.
MD5 checksum: 3723e53a88b09e5474999b5dab1929fa *facespan-21.sit

See Also: AppleScript: The Beta Release, AppleScript 1.1, AppleScript 1.8.3, AppleScript Language Guide (PDF), FaceSpan 3, FaceSpan 4.3, Frontier 1, Frontier 4, Script Debugger 1.0, Script Debugger 3.0, Smile

Architecture: 68k PPC

Requires a Macintosh computer running Mac OS 7.1 - 9.2.2 and AppleScript installed. If the OS is 7.1 there also has to be an updated 7.1.3 Finder (The Scriptable Finder), and AppleScript 1.1 or newer installed. The FaceSpan 2.1 application is FAT (installs native to 68k and PPC Macs).


Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, April 20 - 6:23pm

Really sad to see that FaceSpan 5.0d70 is no longer available to the public.

@riscknight Indeed, the author's reasoning for removal of that alpha version of FaceSpan 5 was pretty silly, as people can simply use earlier versions of OS X with it.
I personally don't mind it that much, though, as it seems that program doesn't have any PowerPC compatibility at all. Rather, I'm more interested in seeing FaceSpan 4 in the Garden, which seems like it isn't uploaded here...

riscknight's picture
by riscknight - 2015, August 26 - 6:11pm

Kudos to the developer of FaceSpan - I trully mean that.

Really sad to see that FaceSpan 5.0d70 is no longer available to the public.

rlawson's picture
by rlawson - 2013, July 24 - 10:08pm

Interesting read from the developer of FaceSpan 3 about how he tried to port to OSX but ran into issues

wazeem's picture
by wazeem - 2011, November 3 - 10:12am

Ok an update - I have done a clean install and my system is back to normal again (phew!) - I can run this app with no problems. The only thing I installed before was FaceSpan 1 - anyway all is well again Smile

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2011, October 28 - 11:29am

@wazeem: I'm not getting the memory leaks like you are describing, no more than +1% after a boot up, regardless of what I can throw at this box with FaceSpan 2.1 installed.

You don't happen to have Netscape or Mozilla (any version) installed? These were notorious for not handing back memory on a classic Mac OS when running and quitting from.

Also, have you disabled the FaceSpan extension and rebooted to see if your memory usage goes back to normal? With the FS extension disabled there shouldn't be any System/RAM use happening. If it doesn't recover with this disabled, then I would say the problem lies elsewhere.

wazeem's picture
by wazeem - 2011, October 28 - 9:52am

@Mike: thanks for taking a look, I've now run Virex which shows no virus on my computer so I assume there is a memory leak as you suggest. My OS usually takes 9MB but now I'm up to 16MB and with FaceSpan 2.1 running the OS takes 21MB! the app takes 2.9MB. I would have thought the usual restart (reboot) would have cleared any memory pointers, but I'm no expert. maybe later I'll experiment with a clean install.

I was very impressed when I first used Borland Delphi/C++ Builder and now can see where that concept came from, FaceSpan is some technology, bit like Visual Architect in Think C. wow

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2011, October 28 - 4:23am

Thanks Mike! Looks like OSX is getting more attention for virus writers now Sad

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2011, October 28 - 12:31am

@wazeem: I was the one who re-uploaded this with the virus removed.
I just downloaded what is here again and it still matches the MD5 checksum (above) of the clean file that I'd uploaded, so it has not been tampered with since.

Interestingly perhaps. I had been recently reading about FaceSpan 1.x where it was proved that FaceSpan 1 was causing memory leaks. Perhaps those memory leaks hadn't been squashed in this version.

Don't know what you can do to fix the memory leak but AFAIK the install from here is virus free.

However, another virus checker you can use on PPC is Virex which is here at the Garden.

[Edit]: Installed FaceSpan 2.1 onto my beige (G4 upgraded) PPC running OS 9.0.4. Haven't had it running long yet and only played around with it plus some of the included demo apps. No memory leaks detected so far. Will run it for a while and see how it goes.

wazeem's picture
by wazeem - 2011, October 27 - 11:48am

I have loaded this on my PB1400 OS8.5, although a stunning application, can I ask, does it still carry a virus? My OS did use 8-9MB of memory, now I run out of memory and my OS takes 16MB!? - that does seem to be as a result of installing this app.
I have run Disinfectant 3.7.1 which says no problems but I think there might be. I could do a "clean OS install" but that take effort! Any suggestions? Is there another virus scanner I can use on a PPC?

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, December 13 - 2:12am

New System FILE install, not that hard off a boot CD!

heh Smile

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2010, December 12 - 12:51pm

@themacmeister: That "low risk" attrib is due to Classic Mac OS no longer being in production or for sale retail, more than any other reason... Get this little b*gg*r into your Classic System and it means a fresh Mac OS install Sad

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2010, December 12 - 11:49am

Have replaced virus infected FaceSpan 2.1 - now in Disk Copy 4.2 format and compressed with Stuffit 3.6 for backwards compatibility.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, December 12 - 11:42am

Low Risk - clean with Disinfectant, unfortunately, I have LOTS of stuffit and other archives, some of which I have never looked at. It appears that about 3% of all mac archives on the internet are infected with MBDF A.

ken147's picture
by ken147 - 2010, December 11 - 11:51pm

info on the virus:

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2010, November 10 - 2:00pm

[Don't install this just yet - It needs fixing]:

Disinfectant 3.7.1 reports this download as infected by "MBDF A" virus:
FaceSpan2.1+SN Folder
FaceSpan2.1 Installer
### File infected by MBDF A.
Last modification 18/07/1996, 5:27:20 PM.
Folder scanning run completed.
10/11/2010, 10:10:12 PM.