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Eradicator_1.6.sit (463.14 KB)
MD5: fe5531d9838322875bbf63fd9d9b924d
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

V. 1.6

Many applications will put temporary files that they use while in operation into an invisible folder on your hard drive named, appropriately enough, "Temporary Items Folder". Applications are supposed to delete these temporary files when they are done with them, but many do not. Older versions of the Mac OS would take any files it found left over when the computer is restarted in the "Temporary Items Folder" and put it into the trash in a folder named "Rescued Items from Macintosh HD". You were then free to delete these files, unless you wanted to save them (which you usually don't). Mac OS 9 doesn't seem to do this as reliably, and so these temporary files tend to build up on your hard drive, eating away at disk space, without your even knowing it (aside from your noticing that you have less and less room available on your hard drive). Eradicator allows you to peek inside this invisible "Temporary Items Folder", see what files are in there, and delete those files, if you wish. (Author description)

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS 8-9
2 MB free RAM

Even though this utility was written because of the Mac OS 9 problem, it will work with Mac OS 8.x.

Users of non-English versions of Mac OS may not be able to utilise the "Cleanup at Startup" feature of Eradicator 1.6