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Enterasys Networks RoamAbout CSIBD-AA-128 Drivers

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Enterasys Networks RoamAbout CSIBD-AA-128 Drivers

I have found this to be one of the best wireless cards to use on anything with a PCMCIA slot.
I have used them with everything from a PB-1400 up to a G4 Titanium.
Even on an upgraded 540c with optional PCMCIA adapter.
I believe they are compatible all they down to MacOS 7.5.5.
About $10-15 used on ebay.

If you are running 9.2.2 on a portable the early gold and silver Orinoco cards are seen as Apple Airport cards (as they were used inside the first Airport Base Station).



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by macjames - 2014, February 15 - 10:15am

This card is in fact a rebranded Orinoco card. If you don't want this card to be tied to the Enterasys brand, you can flash it just as easily as you can flash the orinoco silver models to gold version. And as the description say, these orinoco cards are the best card you can use for wireless on old macs, including the few 68k powerbooks with pcmcia slot. One thing i don't remember is if the firmware from the enterasys cards is up to par to the last firmware released to former orinoco cards. Older firmware cause strange behaviour in the mac, in particular if you're using the software installer that is compatible for MacOS 7.x systems, like if you eject the card, you can't use it in a reliable way or even use it unless you reboot with the card inserted.