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EndNote 3.1

The "About Endnote 3.1" info splash-screen
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Endnote_3.1.sit (2.36 MB)
MD5: c8aef04bbed60e5be95a6025a45bfcf6
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

EndNote 3.1 is reference management software, used for creating, editing, and organizing bibliographies and citation lists by academics and other writers.

Contains install set for version 3.0 as 1.4MB floppy disk images + the v3.1 Updater. Includes activation key.

Architecture: 68k PPC

Note: The above archive (DL #1) includes floppy disk images created with ShrinkWrap 3.5, as the enclosed install disk set. You will need to install ShrinkWrap 3.5x on a classic Mac OS 7.1.1 to 9.2.2, to be able to access these floppy disk images.


eee73's picture
by eee73 - 2021, January 18 - 10:32pm

Many thanks! I even used to have shrinkwrap... I could install it on B2, next I will try on the real stuff. I am in the process of recovering programs and data from failing floppies and zip disks, if I will find anything of interest I will upload

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2021, January 13 - 12:21am

Apparently the images are corrupted

Apparently, they are NOT corrupt, or faulty.

The person who originally archived these, had used a proprietary form of disk imaging.

That is, he/she used ShrinkWrap 3.x to create the floppy disk images. You will need to install the same onto B2 or the LC 475 to mount the installer disks, and all will be well for you.

I'll add that pertinent little tidbit into the page description above.

eee73's picture
by eee73 - 2021, January 12 - 11:24pm

Apparently the images are corrupted (as well as the identical ones found in macintosh repository website) I could not get them opened both in basilisk and on my LC 475. If someone has another copy please post (I used to have but cannot recover from damaged floppies...)