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Electronics Workbench

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Electronic_WorkBench.sit (1.59 MB)
MD5: 1c4d5718051eb5fc1bc3f158428c5529
For System 6.x
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

Electronics Workbench or EWB is electronic software that develop to solve electronic design and simulation project. This software provide many component list that can be used to create schematic that we designed. To draw the schematic diagram with this software is easy way. We only need component that used and connected all component suited with schematic design.

After we are design these schematic we can connect it with some tools measurement and generator that we need to do simulation. As the input signal we can use AFG or function generator device that we can set it the input as sinusoidal signal, pulse signal, etc. As output we also can use many device like Frequency Counter, Oscilloscope, etc. Only with connect all the measurement device or tool we can generate the result of the circuit schematic works.

One version of Electronics Workbench or EWB software that develop and many electronic student looking this software is EWB version 5.12 that very popular software today for electronic circuit schematic design and simulation.

Architecture: 68k PPC

- Works with Mac emulators (all)
- Runs fine on a floppy-only Mac using network startup boot disk stripped down
- Runs fine on any Mac
- Classic compatible


Zenako's picture
by Zenako - 2019, May 12 - 4:08am

Works great on os 9.1. I used it to design a few basic, and slightly more complex circuits, and its features worked without problem.

deadmouse's picture
by deadmouse - 2016, June 5 - 6:11pm

I could ONLY find a pc screen shot
this is the rarest mac app
googling for it will get you nowhere but mentions of it