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Electronic PAD

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For System 1 - 5
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An integrated, computer-aided engineering package that turns a Macintosh or a Lisa into an engineering workstation for digital circuit design. The program enables you to produce professional-quality schematics and provides complete fault and logic simulation of the design, reducing debugging time in the prototype stage. PAD provides nine primitive logic functions—AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR, Inverter, D flip-flop, and JK flip-flop—which you select from a "palette" and place on the screen. You can connect pins using the mouse and label the functions to reflect off-the-shelf parts, creating a parts library. Designs are not restricted to the size of the Mac's screen.

PAD's logic analysis feature allows you to test part tolerances; signal generation can be modified to test for worst case, allowing you to flag potential problem areas. Waveforms produced by probing the circuit at any location show logic errors that can be traced back to their source by probing earlier levels of the design. List price: 128K Macintosh (does not include macro library feature) $395, 512K Macintosh $595, Lisa (under MacWorks) $595, 128K to 512K software upgrade with macro library $225.

- Macworld, March 1985

All contemporary sources I've found attribute the program to Rune Software (also of Pacifica, CA) instead of the SeaStones Software named in the About box. I couldn't conclusively determine whether these were the same entity. The disks are bootlegs and may not even be finalized releases.

Versions: 128K (full), 512K (demo)

Architecture: 68k