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ElectricImage Animation System 1.5.1

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ElectricImage_1.5.1.sit (2.86 MB)
MD5: 139fc648f855b3d0ec7bade16a6d438a
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Very early version of the best and fastest 3D rendering engine on the market. Powerful 3D app for animation and rendering. Incredible render speed in 1992 only for mac with FPU.
This is the first commercial version, very limited options like the start of all 3D apps.

It's a high-end app with an initial price in 1992 around $7,500 US.

EIAS, the main animation app
Transporter, the 3d model converter tool
Projector, the tool to display and convert output animations and images
Camera, the fastest render engine in the world

This app was the secret weapon for visual effects houses like Industrial Light & Magic.

Now EIAS exists at version 9, check current EIAS web at:

Architecture: 68k

Works with System 6 but you need to launch Camera manually.
You need a 68K Mac with an FPU.


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by Kikems - 2014, October 30 - 2:49pm

Looking for EIAS 1.0 anyone have this old copy?

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by Kikems - 2014, October 30 - 2:48pm

First EIAS Demo Reel , before launch EIAS 1.0 in 1988.

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by Kikems - 2014, October 16 - 7:28pm

Some people can think "whoooww 7500 USD for a 3D app in 1992, very high price" , yes very high cost but at this time ( 1992 ) and during some years more with a Mac Quadra and EIAS you have the same final output quality and render power than any other high-end top-level 3d systems like Silicon Graphics for a fraction of the cost.