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eDisk_1.2.hqx (1.02 MB)
MD5: b6e12548edd0baa5cfb79441a3cdffcd
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Mini vMac II

eDisk (stylized as eDisk) is "Hard Disk Enhancement" software that promises to expand your hard disk "by 2, 3, or 4 Times".

The method by which eDisk accomplishes this is two-fold:

First, it installs a unique driver onto the hard disk or volume you select, allowing eDisk to take direct control of the block size of files, allowing eDisk to "reclaim" wasted space on the disk when writing/re-writing data.

Second, eDisk compresses data on the fly, allowing files to take up less space overall. This is similar to other compression software programs such as DiskDoubler and others. Unlike other dynamic compression software from that period, eDisk handles the compression on the fly and in the background, reporting the saved space as additional capacity on the volume.

The reporting of saved space as "additional capacity" can be somewhat misleading, but the justification is that by compressing all of a disk's files, the user gains additional "effective" capacity that one wouldn't have otherwise had, while eDisk's driver continues to report the original size of the (uncompressed) files.

(For example, if one has 100MB of data on a 100MB volume, and eDisk hypothetically compresses all of the files on the volume by 50%, this would under normal circumstances result in 50MB on a 100MB volume, but the way in which eDisk would report it would be as 100MB on a 150MB volume, resulting in an "effective" increase of the disk's capacity by a third.)

Because of how this program works, it could be very dangerous if used casually. It is highly recommended that one backs up their data before installing if one plans to use it. Additionally, it may render the installed hard disk unreadable to those computers without eDisk installed, due to the proprietary driver that is used, as well as the above-mentioned file compression algorithm.

Serial #: E105324

This download was copied from original media, and is packaged as an 800k Disk Copy 4.2 disk image, compressed with StuffIt 1.5.1, and encoded as BinHex 4.0.


Architecture: 68k

The disk from which you run eDisk must be unlocked in order to run.

System Requirements
Macintosh Plus or higher
System Software 6.0.5 or later (fully System 7.1 compatible)
Hard drive/Removable cartridge drive/Floptical drive