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For Mac OS X
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For Mac OS X
This app works with: QEMU

Powerful search utility, of files and folders. Great to have when you've disabled Tiger's then-new "Spotlight" search & activity, or when using Panther and earlier.

Download #1 is version 4.0.1, compatible with Tiger and up.
Download #2 is version 4.0, the latest version compatible with Panther.
Download #3 is version 4.5, the latest version compatible with Tiger.
Download #4 is version 4.9, the latest version compatible with Leopard.

The most current version, as of early August 2019, is 4.9.3, compatible with Snow Leopard and up. It is still available on the official website.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Panther+, Tiger+, Leopard+, according to the version used.


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by Jatoba - 2019, August 12 - 3:42am

It'd be great to have more versions of this app. To my knowledge, version 4.5 was still Tiger-compatible (despite some new features being Leopard-exclusive), and I don't know if that's even the latest Tiger compatible version. But that's already more up-to-date for Tiger than the version currently provided here, 4.0.1. The final Leopard-compatible version, whatever version number it is, would also be desirable. The current version, 4.9.3, is Snow Leopard+ only.

Incidentally, Panther's final version was 4.0, and Jaguar's was 3.4.

EDIT: The latest Leopard version was 4.9 (as in, 4.9.0). You can download from the official website if you know the link. I'll upload it here shortly.
Still searching & researching which version was the final one for Tiger, though...

EDIT 2: Still looking around. I know, so far, that 4.8.1+ is incompatible with Tiger.

EDIT 3: Same as before, but archived versions of MacUpdate say 4.6.1 was Leopard+ only. So it's likely somewhere between that and 4.5.

EDIT 4: According to official documentation, 4.5 was the last version, with the next one, 4.6, dropping support. I found both 4.5, which indeed worked with Tiger, and 4.6.1, which didn't, but I didn't find 4.6 to personally confirm that the official documentation is correct. But it's likely correct. So I'll just trust it on that.

I'm uploading the Panther, Tiger and Leopard versions shortly.