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Drive Genius 1.x

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (175.02 MB)
MD5: f0937607bd9238db5f5e1aa4ca819207
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (26.48 MB)
MD5: 7c72d9ee3650a87be447247b57d38587
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (17.48 MB)
MD5: 5bdbbda1b88a7151e57162a2f30e854c
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (184.47 MB)
MD5: a2030144ebe62be435eb96f8e8c28f2d
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (273.17 MB)
MD5: 85968a22338f6f03e24b96c003f1b5f0
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Guides on emulating older applications

With Norton Utilities for the Mac gone but not forgotten, Mac users have relied upon Micromat's Tech Tool 4 (2004) and Alsoft's DiskWarrior 3 (2003) to manage, maintain, and repair their hard drives, especially when they need to do more than Apple's Disk Utility can provide. Prosoft Engineering has incorporated SubRosaSoft's VolumeWorks, CopyCatX, and DiskGuardian applications, along with some new features, into an application called Drive Genius. The program lets you resize and move volumes, create and delete partitions, and optimize, repair, and rebuild your drive. With Drive Genius, Prosoft has raised the standard for disk utilities. (From MacWorld Apr 27, 2005 review of v. 1.0.1)

The 1st download contains the CD of version 1.0.1 for PPC.

The 2nd download contains the version 1.2 (application) for PPC

The 3rd download contains version 1.5.3 (application) which is a universal binary for PPC & Intel Macs, released in late 2006

The 4th & 5th downloads are bootable Drive Genius CDs for emergencies. The PPC CD containing v. 1.2 is for Mac OS X 10.3, and the universal CD containing v. 1.5.3 is for Mac OS X 10.4.8

See also: Drive Genius 2

Architecture: PPC

Requirements for v. 1.0.1
Mac OS X 10.2.x–10.3.x

Requirements for v. 1.2
Mac OS X 10.2.8–10.4 (possibly to 10.4.5)
G3/G4/G5 processor

Requirements for v. 1.5.3
Mac OS X 10.3.9–10.4.8
G3/G4/G5/Intel processor
128 MB RAM

The upper limits of system compatibility are ones that I have seen reported. They may need fine tuning. If checking for compatibility, please make sure that all the functions work properly...just finding that the application loads is not sufficient.


mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2017, February 4 - 5:01am

OK I have done some more tests. I have confirmed (yet again) that both CDs created from the CD images on this page are boot discs as described. I have confirmed that they boot the following Macs:

iMac G5 (2.1 GHz) - boots with both PPC and UB discs

PPC G4 tower (AGP) 500 MHz - boots with both PPC and UB discs

PPC G3 tower 350 MHz - boots with PPC disc. Unfortunately the power supply died before I could test the UB disc as well.

Anyway, that should be enough to demonstrate (again) that these are good, bootable CDs. You just have to choose a Mac that they are compatible with.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2017, February 3 - 11:31pm

@locutus. A toast image will be no different to a cdr image. These images *are* bootable as I have tested them. It is just that they are rather particular about what machines they will boot. I forget what Macs I tested them on but they would have to be Macs that were current around the time the software was released (EDIT: One was a G4 mentioned in a comment below). They would not boot up one of my more modern Macs.

locutus's picture
by locutus - 2017, February 3 - 11:09pm

Can anyone upload a .TOAST image? These two "bootable" discs will not boot. Is anyone willing to upload TOAST images from these discs so the are bootable.


mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2016, December 29 - 11:27pm

Sorry SwedeBear, but I have had to remove the versions 2.x as they were released in 2008. They will be restored in 2018. Thanks very much for the uploads and for version 1.0.1

SwedeBear's picture
by SwedeBear - 2016, December 29 - 9:08pm

Versions up. Found a v1.5.1 CD-ROM but holding to that until someone shows a valuable distinction to v1.5.3.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, December 29 - 5:00pm

The emergency disks have a minimal Mac OS X for booting and and Application folder with the Driver Genius application. You can either boot and start it from here (no registration serial needed) or install it by drag'n'drop on your hard disk (application asks for a serial at first start then or you use it in trial mode).
The downloads above are the full CD images and archives of the Application folder only.
• Drive Genius 1.2: Mac OS X 10.3 -
• Drive Genius 1.5.3: Mac OS X 10.4.8 -

You are welcome to upload any version (v1.01, v2.0.3, v2.1.1, v2.2.1, v2.3.0) that is still missing here!

Maybe the last PowerPC models like my computer (Mac Mini G4 1.5 GHz) were not on the list of the computers against which the compatibility checks were performed (or skipped in favour of the then new intel-based Macs).

SwedeBear's picture
by SwedeBear - 2016, December 29 - 4:01pm

Which versions are the emergency CDs and shouldn't there be an application installer when mounted on Desktop?
I'm prepairing an image from a bootable CD w 1.01 and digging up some other installer(?) from my archives which is tagged v1.01
I've got 4 bootable disks with v:s 2.0.3/2.1.1/2.2.1/2.3.0 respectively. I don't have access to anything PPC right now but v2.0.3 and 2.3.0 are marked 'bootable'.
All these are (burnt) copies I'm afraid…

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2016, December 29 - 11:29am

----->Which Power Macintosh G4 model did you use?<---

I have put it all away again so I can't easily check now. However it was a tower with a Zip drive as well as the usual CD drive. It has a blue-gray front and top.

EDIT: I would expect the software and boot discs to work on any Mac that was current in 2006. But yours would be of that vintage, right? So I don't know what is the problem with the boot disc. However, your OS X versions may be too recent to run the application from the hard drive.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, December 29 - 10:18am

Just for the records, I have used a Mac Mini G4 1.5 GHz with Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 (program install) and the included Mac OS X 10.4.8 (burned CD). Maybe my system is too new? Which Power Macintosh G4 model did you use?

Funny fact is that the older v1.2 did install without any flaw.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2016, December 29 - 6:20am

@Kitchen2010: I have re-imaged the CD and the checksum is the same as you stated so the disc image that you have is fine. I know this disc and the Drive Genius application work OK because I used them for years back in the day. To double check, I burned a CD from the disc image and was able to boot from it on a G4 tower. The application installs and runs OK for me on this computer running Mac OS X 10.3.9. I suggest that the problems you and others are having are because you are trying to use the software outside its compatibility range that is stated on the page.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, December 28 - 4:07pm

Please can you generate a (md5) checksum for the original CD, if possible? I tried installation of the application folder in Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and restoration of the .dmg file to a separate partition and CD burning with Toast 6. All of these tries have failed.

Here the md5 checksums of the used CD image:
MD5 ( = 85968a22338f6f03e24b96c003f1b5f0
MD5 (Drive Genius™ Universal CD.cdr) = 1cb8357c48f817673cb002175f0f33e0

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2016, December 28 - 1:33pm

--->Maybe is the CD image incomplete?<---

Well, I did make the image from an original CD. The process is basically foolproof and I have never had a bad image before...but I guess anything is possible. I will wait for other peoples experience before I consider redoing it and comparing checksums

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, December 28 - 11:47am

I have downloaded "" and installed the application using the serial number. The serial number was recognized but I have still an error when the program's window "Drive Genius Initialization" is showing up:

Launch Failure
Install failure. Please re-launch Drive Genius. (-1) If
the problem persists, please contact Prosoft
technical support at 925-426-6306.

EDIT: "" gives me the same error as above.
EDIT 2: Installation of the CD image "" (v1.5.3) to hard disk partition and burn to physical CD does not work, too! It shows the error also in Trial-mode, so it has nothing to do with the serial number. Any ideas? Maybe is the CD image incomplete?
v1.2 does work!

xy's picture
by xy - 2016, October 7 - 5:03pm

is the best article on defragementation of Mac OS X I have found. The article is in German but can be translated via internet translators.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2016, October 5 - 4:28am

I did a compatibility check on my Power mac G4 1.25 Ghz mirror door 2003 on both CD.

The Drive Genius 1.2 PPC CD don't work on my computer. It will not boot the CD.
The Drive Genius 1.5.3 Universal CD don't work on my computer. It will not boot the CD.
Why not upload Drive Genius 2.0 ?

MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2016, September 27 - 6:06am

Please, can you upload the emergency disk images?

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2016, August 29 - 6:47am

If anyone has the first release (version 1.0.1), that would be a good upload to this page.