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MD5: 463f9e42bc60668de84e3381257bfb27
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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MD5: 3e49509c81a52fcd98adca3722e6924a
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

DragAnyWindow is a way cool control panel that enhances the look and behavior of window dragging. When you drag a window's title bar and Solid Dragging is active, the whole window image is moved instead of a dull-looking window outline. If the Update Windows option is also active, all windows are updated on the fly without waiting for you to release the mouse. Not as fast as the BeOS, but definitely better than the standard Mac OS behavior!

DragAnyWindow also allows you to easily move any kind of window, including dialogs, alerts, standard "Open" and "Save" dialogs, game windows and other non-movable windows. It lets you bring back to the desktop any window that has gone out of sight, or center the front window on the main screen with a single keystroke. These options are very useful for old applications designed for the 9" screen (which often use fixed windows) and for moving modal dialogs and windows behind them.

DragAnyWindow was created and written by Alessandro (Alex) Levi Montalcini as a $10 shareware System Control Panel application. Full documentation on how to make best use of this program, is accessed from within the Control Panel. Add to the Control Panels folder and restart the Mac to activate.

See also: Power Windows, SmartDrag, Smooth Windows.

Architecture: 68k

68k encoded, runs fine on PPC Macintosh, Systems 6.x to 9.2.2
DragAnyWindow only uses about 5K of system memory on 68K Macs and 9K on Power Macs.