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DOS Mounter 95

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DOS-Mounter-95.sit (651.93 KB)
MD5: f0263bcac1830a626f71ca05d0934a15
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6

DOS Mounter 95 allows you to mount DOS formatted floppies, other DOS formatted removable media and volumes on the Macintosh desktop. It also allows you to double click on a DOS file and launch a Macintosh application you have designated. DOS Mounter 95 can mount MS-DOS files on the desktop, as if they were Macintosh files and you have the appropriate Program to launch and display it; e.g.; .DOC > Microsoft Word.

DOS Mounter 95 allows mounting the above 1GB disk image on Systems 6 and 7. DOS Mounter works seamlessly "behind the scenes" never needing user interaction, apart from configuration. It also allows the exchange of files with long filenames on DOS formatted media, which for System 6, is quite a feat (especially when compared to the "Apple File Exchange" software of the same period).

So, if you use the Mini vMac emulator on Mac OS X; Do install DOS Mounter 95, it really does make a difference.

Architecture: 68k

This Control Panel works in Macintosh Systems 6 and 7.

DOS Mounter 95 runs in emulators and can mount DOS formatted disk images Read/Write (including long file-name support). Writing to DOS disk images can be turned off in the Control Panel.

For Systems 7+ which can run Macintosh PC Exchange, it's likely to clash with that software and cause problems. It's probably better to use Apple's PC Exchange software, especially with Systems 7.5 or newer, where PC Exchange is included with the Mac OS. And especially with PC Exchange 2.1 and onward, which finally supported Mac OS long filenames as standard FAT long filenames and converts FAT filenames longer than 31 characters to unique 31-character filenames.

For similar software, see also: DOS Mounter Plus 4.0, PC Exchange