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Macromedia Director MX

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Director_MX.iso (441.89 MB)
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For Mac OS X
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Guides on emulating older applications

Author once, deliver anywhere, reach everyone. With Director MX, you can build rich content that delivers real results, integrating interactive audio, video, bitmaps, vectors, text, fonts, and more. Work more effectively with the shared Macromedia MX user interface and take advantage of unprecedented Macromedia Flash MX integration. Create accessible content for people with disabilities. Then deploy on CD, DVD, or corporate intranets—or to over 300 million web users with Macromedia Shockwave Player.

Import Macromedia Flash MX files
Take advantage of the power of Macromedia Flash MX and its lightweight vector graphics by importing files into Director MX applications. Director MX developers can use this powerful combination to create the most effective multimedia content.

Create accessible content
Easily create content that satisfies internationally recommended guidelines and legislated requirements for accessible software. Director MX lets you add text-to-speech, captioning, and tab navigation features to Internet-based Shockwave content or standalone applications on both Windows and Macintosh systems—without the need for a screen reader.

Repurpose existing applications to adhere to accessibility guidelines
The drag-and-drop behaviors in Director MX let you easily control speech and tab ordering, as well as synchronize text with spoken words, in order to update existing Director applications.

Tight Macromedia Fireworks MX integration
Director MX gives developers access to the robust design and production environment of Fireworks MX, allowing developers to create graphics for presentations or Shockwave content. In addition, the tight integration between Fireworks MX and Director MX offers a roundtrip workflow between these graphic and multimedia environments. Integration features include launching and editing, Fireworks MX importing, launching and optimizing, and the Fireworks MX Import Xtra.

Use Macromedia server technologies
Use the Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX and Director MX together to create multiuser games, distance-learning applications, and real-time collaboration. The Macromedia Flash Remoting Service provides a secure, high-performance connection between Macromedia ColdFusion MX and Shockwave Player. When used with Director MX, Macromedia Flash Remoting MX lets you easily pass data to ColdFusion MX and back.

Advanced debugging capabilities
Lingo, the powerful object-oriented Director programming language, now includes such advanced debugging features as an Object Inspector with data browser functionality and color-coding of recently changed variables. It also offers a streamlined professional debugging layout, where everything you need is in one convenient place.

New Object Inspector
The Object Inspector lets you easily view all properties of your script instances, as well as all elements inside of your 3D and Macromedia Flash MX content. Examine and modify all the properties of an object without any scripting.

Enhance your productivity
Work faster with a highly customizable workspace that’s shared among Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, and Macromedia Flash MX. The familiar and flexible working environment lets you minimize window clutter and maximize productivity.

QuickTime 6 support
Take advantage of QuickTime 6 features including support for streaming MPEG4 video.

Author and deploy on Mac OS X
Create Director MX content using Mac OS X, the modern Apple operating system. You can now also author executables that can be launched on OS X systems.

The majority of the porting work to Mac OS X was done by WWDC "Altivec Demo God" Alexandre Lelievre, in what was the last release of Director he worked on while at Macromedia.

This is the final version that can build Director projectors for Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2.2, if Classic Mac Xtras are packaged instead of OS X Xtras. See the Director MX manual for details.

Director MX Mac Educational Serial: DRM900-06666-07203-92479
Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX Serial: FSW100-05975-37280-18636

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Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)