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Digitalk Smalltalk/V for Mac

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SmallTalk-V_1.0.sit (619.17 KB)
MD5: bad6d16863247d76f6b0e939653805b5
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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smalltlk2fv_mac.sit_.hqx (671.84 KB)
MD5: 8166716e043f9d3ab01e79e9f26ec6b0
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

Smalltalk/V for Macintosh. A small, fast, well integrated system for object oriented programming. For practical purposes, Squeak ( remains a better choice, however for historical value or running on a Mac Plus or Mini vMac it's still valuable.

The 1st download is Digitalk Smalltalk/V 1.0.
The 2nd download is Digitalk Smalltalk/V 1.2.1.

A port contracted by Object Technology International that was based on Digitalk's popular Smalltalk/V 286 for DOS. It visually resembles System 6 and contains a special subset of objects to interact with popular Macintosh Toolbox APIs such as QuickDraw.

After some early success with this version, Digitalk acquired Instantiations, which had experience building Smalltalk for 680x0 CPUs, and made Smalltalk/V for Mac 2.0 an in-house effort with fewer compromises.


We are still looking for a copy of Smalltalk/V for Mac 2.0. If anyone reading this has a copy, please add it to this page.


See also: Apple Smalltalk-80

Architecture: 68k

68000 processor or higher (special 68020 version included)
1.5 MB RAM


orion_stargazer's picture
by orion_stargazer - 2016, March 1 - 11:59pm

This takes me back to the 90s when I did Smalltalk programming on IBM's OS/2 operating system. We even had Digitalk PARTS and another package not from Digitalk for UI construction. We used ENVY for source management. Sadly, Java almost immediately killed off Smalltalk and as you stated IBM and others shifted from Smalltalk to Java. ParcPlace and Digitalk merged to stave off going out of business.

Duality's picture
by Duality - 2014, July 19 - 8:07am

With permission from the authors, Stéphane Ducasse of the Pharo project is hosting a book that covers a very similar, API compatible version of Smalltalk/V, and a tutorial aimed at Pascal programmers.

Though the uploaded archive lacks sample code, the documentation above provides a good means of getting up and running with Smalltalk/V (STV). STV can be thought of as a faster, less feature rich Smalltalk than Smalltalk-80, specifically made for underpowered IBM PCs and other consumer computers of the time.

STV was, for a time, the most commercially successful Smalltalk. The PC version, Smalltalk/V 286, was so well received by IBM that IBM made a very significant investment in the language, leading to the VisualAge development tools, a source code management system called ENVY/Developer, and a whole host of other neat things.

Then the winds changed and Java became a more attractive option, indirectly leading to Eclipse rising from the ashes of a VisualAge for Java project.

Oh well.

Somewhere out there is a Smalltalk/V 2.0 for Mac, an alpha version of which Alan Kay's group used to build a simulation programming environment for children. That's Playground II and III, Scott Wallace's work for the Vivarium project.

Playground has nothing to do with ATG's Cocoa project, though the goals seem similar from a distance.