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Desktop Screen Saver

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MD5: 9701e03fe4c0560cec6d220298ae5f98
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Desktop Screen Saver uses your currently selected desktop picture as the screen saver picture. It will display your desktop picture after your Mac has been idle for awhile. If you have Desktop Pictures set to display a different picture each time you re-start your Mac, Desktop Screen Saver will make a slide show from all of the pictures.

Where is JPEGView?

The first time you run Desktop Screen Saver, it will ask you where JPEGView is. If you have JPEGView then navigate to that program and select it. If you do not have JPEGView, you can download it from here (Mac Garden) or many shareware sites on the Internet. It is freeware. It is easy to find by doing an Internet search for "JPEGView for Mac".

Architecture: PPC

Any Macintosh, 1200K of free memory, OS 8.5 or later, AppleScript 1.3 or later, JPEGView 3.31 or later, Appearance Control Panel (included in OS 8.5 or later)