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Desktop Resetter 2.8

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DesktopResetter_2.8_classic.sit (465.32 KB)
MD5: 5cf9e089562c71aa9a6a6b5f6605989b
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Desktop Resetter is a helpful little program designed to store (remember) the icon and window locations and sizes on the desktop (including popup windows). This information can be restored at a later time, if they should change or move. (Some programs tend to either change resolution or somehow mess up your desktop - crashing will also cause the desktop items to lose their locations.)

Architecture: PPC

Runs on any Mac running Mac OS 8 and higher

See also: Restore Desktop


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by that-ben - 2015, November 14 - 3:02am

omg... I just popped an old Mac OS 8.6 rescue CD-R I made in 1999 and found Desktop Resetter on it. So many good memories all come back to me now. I remember apps changing the screen resolution and messing up with folder icons I used to put in the desktop corners Tongue With Desktop Resetter, I could recover my whole desktop icons setup in snap. My friend also had something similar on his Windows 98 PC Tongue