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DeskPicture 4.0

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For System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Mini vMac II

DeskPicture is a shareware desktop wallpaper control panel for SSW 7.

From the website:

DeskPicture is a handy utility that makes it easy to display pictures on your desktop and manipulate them to your taste. Once you've placed one or more pictures on your desktop, DeskPicture provides many options for adjusting their appearance. In general, DeskPicture offers many of the same functions for moving pictures and changing their size as drawing applications, so if you've ever used that type of application, you should have no problems working with DeskPicture.

A utility called DeskHanger is also included, allowing you to quickly change the desktop picture on the fly. Drag the image you want directly onto the DeskHanger application. (Will only work once you have used the DeskPicture control panel at least once.)


See also: Décor, DeskPict 1.1, DeskPicture 4.5

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