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Design Classics - The Apple Macintosh 1996

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Guides on emulating older applications


Also in 1983, a product called Mac XL - or Lisa- appeared
on the market. It cost a good $10,000 in the United
States and was supposed to ring in a new generation of
computers. However, Lisa was destined to remain the failed
predecessor of the Macintosh, and I still remember my first
encounter with her in a Frankfurt computer dealer's shop
quite well: on a tiny monitor one could observe the cursor
movements and many small icons framed the edge of the
screen- the number of applications, however, were
modest. In this country, one was supposed to shell out DM
21000 for the hardware alone, and then slap another DM
6000 on the table for the operating system and application
software- we gladly did without it.


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