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Copland OS D11E4

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Copland was a project at Apple Computer to create an updated version of the Macintosh operating system. It was to have introduced protected memory, multitasking and a number of new underlying operating system features, yet still be compatible with the vast majority of existing Mac software. Development began in 1994 and was underway in earnest by 1995. Starting around that time the system was also commonly referred to as System 8 or Mac OS 8. It uses the Mach Kernel of OS X.

During development the system started collecting new features at an alarming rate and the completion date continued to slip into the future. In 1996 Apple's newest CEO, Gil Amelio, hired Ellen Hancock away from National Semiconductor and put her in charge of engineering in an effort to try to get development back on track. Instead, she decided it was best to cancel the project outright and try to find a suitable 3rd party system to replace it. Development officially ended in August 1996, and after a short search they announced that Apple was buying NeXT in order to use their NeXTSTEP operating system as the basis of a new Mac OS.

Hancock also suggested that Apple should work on improving the existing Mac OS 7 while the new system matured. This process would eventually lead to the release of an unrelated operating system, re-using the name Mac OS 8. The new operating system based on NeXTSTEP shipped in 2001 as Mac OS X.

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(Contains D7E1 A, D11E4. A big thanks to for original archival.)

More info:

Architecture: PPC

Hardware Supported:
NuBus-based Macintoshes: 6100/60, 6100/60AV (no AV functionality), 6100/66, 6100/66 AV (no AV functionality), 6100/66 DOS (no DOS functionality), 7100/66, 7100/66 AV (no AV functionality), 7100/80, 7100/80 AV (no AV functionality), 8100/80, 8100/100, 8100/100 AV (no AV functionality), 8100/110

Nu-Bus-based Performas: 6110CD, 6112CD, 6115CD, 6117CD, 6118CD

PCI-based Macintoshes: 7200/70, 7200/90,7500/100, 8500/120, 9500/120, 9500/132

All Apple keyboards and mice are now supported!

Drives formatted with Drive Setup (other initialization software may work; if you have trouble, try reinitializing with Drive Setup 1.0.4 or later).

For builds up to and including DR1, the installer is set to ensure you have Mac OS 7.5 or later on a hard disk 250MB or greater.

Monitors connected to either built-in video or a card set to 256 colors (8-bit) or Thousands (16-bit).


ristar's picture
by ristar - 2017, September 18 - 10:09pm

How do I run the install script? Neither of 7.5 nor 9.1 recognize it as an application - just a "PC" file.

jackoverfull's picture
by jackoverfull - 2012, March 14 - 2:20pm

Nice to see this one here…Too bad I don't have the hardware to run it.

Just a quick correction, tough: the microkernel used in Copland was not the same Mach kernel used in NextStep and OS X. It eventually made t the Mac OS with 8.6.

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2011, April 14 - 1:53am

8.0b5 isn't Copland. It's just 8.0b5.

D7E1 and D11E4 are the only known leaked copies of Copland.

I've removed the dead screenshots and put up some that I took a little while back when I had D11E4 running on my 7500.

ch-ev888's picture
by ch-ev888 - 2010, December 24 - 3:36pm

can anyone give me the download link to this Copland OS D11E4 please?

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2010, November 9 - 11:32pm

Of the eleven screenshots of this; only two work. And of the two, they are of the same shot (posted twice) "copland_d11e4-systemfolder.jpg" x 2 Sad

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, November 9 - 6:34pm

Can anyone let us know if this works in an emulator? I'd rather not waste the bandwidth at this time.

I, even, would not waste my time with a beta operating system version.

xy's picture
by xy - 2010, November 9 - 10:42am

This Wikipedia article says something about hardware requirements:

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2010, November 9 - 2:10am

Works (barely) on a few real machines but definitely won't work in an emu.

tripseven's picture
by tripseven - 2010, November 9 - 1:54am

Can anyone let us know if this works in an emulator? I'd rather not waste the bandwidth at this time.

JLIT99's picture
by JLIT99 - 2010, February 5 - 8:49pm

The uploader isn't letting me upload anything. It keeps on spitting rubbish out.

Here's a mirror:

EDIT: It's a Safari-only error.