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Copland Literature

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Guides on emulating older applications

Some literature about the beta of Apple's next-generation operation system with codename Copland, which was abandoned in 1996 in favour for the Rhapsody based on NeXTstep.

An Introduction to Copland - The Mac OS Foundation for the Next Generation of Personal Computers:
A product primer from 1995, describing Copland's features.

Copland Technical Overview:
Developer Manual from 1995, describing Copland's technical architecture.

Microkernel White Paper:
Confidential white paper for the Microkernel which was intended to be used in Copland.

Mac OS 8 Revealed - Sample Chapters:
Sample chapters of a unfinished book for Mac OS 8 authored by Tony Francis.

Mac OS 8 (D11E4) Release Notes:
Release Notes of the last Copland beta version D11E4.

How to Install Mac OS 8 (D11E4):
Installation guide of the last Copland beta version D11E4.

Architecture: PPC

Power Macintosh
Mac OS 8 'Copland' beta versions