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Copland D11E4 June Release (EARLY VERSION OF D11!)

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copland_d11e4_jun_1996_mac_os_8_ddk_0.4_original_cd_image.dmg (57.43 MB)
MD5: b5327e94cd16f3da01fbd11c10783c56
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1
Guides on emulating older applications

This is an earlier version of Copland D11E4, and appears to actually be the third version of the extremely rare Copland OS that Apple was attempting to finish. I'm on a windows machine at the moment, so I can't tell whether or not it's the Development Kit, or the Actual OS. If someone could verify and upload screenshots, that'd be awesome.

Here's a proper direct download:

As I said in the comments, ENJOY!

Architecture: PPC

This build was tested successfully against the following configurations:

6100/66MHz/24MB 7100/80MHz/40MB 8100/110MHz/24MB
6100/60MHz/48MB 7100/80MHz/24MB 8100/100MHz/24MB
6100/60MHz/16MB 7100/80MHz/16MB 8100/80MHz/24MB

7200/90MHz/16MB 8500/120MHz/40MB 9500/132MHz/32MB
7200/75MHz/24MB 8500/120MHz/24MB 9500/132MHz/24MB
7500/100MHz/32MB 9500/120MHz/16MB


snes1423's picture
by snes1423 - 2020, December 12 - 3:09am

does any version of copland run on a PB 5300

Copland Dev.'s picture
by Copland Dev. - 2012, March 3 - 3:00am

The flow I got it from (PageTables) had a version of D9 on his Computer up and running. I've pestered him for months about it, and he finally let this one slip. Any vid you can capture of this with a Handy Cam or the like would be AMAZING!

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2012, March 3 - 12:27am

D11E4 is D11. The clue is in the name:)

D11E4 (aka the Compatibility Edition) was released on Mac OS DDK 0.4 and what you have here is an image of the CD. On the plus side, the old copy I had of this was a HFS+ Disk Copy image made from the CD and as a result Copland couldn't be installed from it because of filesystem-induced bugs. This appears to be a proper image of the CD. So it's still a good find!