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Convert to B/W Pro 2

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MD5: 9711822054546942d157ed14219e7d07
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
This app works with: SheepShaver,

Convert to B/W Pro v2.01 is a plug-in for Photoshop to control the conversion process from color to B&W (grayscale).

Convert to B/W Pro is a photoshop plugin which enables you to control the color to black & white conversion of digital images. It mimics the processes of conventional black & white photography. It is aimed at advanced photographers or digital imaging specialists who are familiar with analogue B&W photography techniques such as pre-filtering, Kodak TRI-X color response and Ilford multigrade exposure.

In conventional B&W photography colored lens filters are used to disguise unwanted color differences (such as red spots in skintone for example), or dampen/enhance certain contrast differences (such as blue skys with white clouds for example). Convert to B/W Pro allows you to select an arbitrary color for pre-filtering a digital color image.

Sepia tones can be added to the final result if required. The two most commonly used sepia tones are available through the popup-menu, but you can select an arbitrary color and intensity by clicking the colorpatch and moving the intensity slider as required.

Excerpt: — from enclosed "Read Me" documentation

Unless an activation code is used to permanently enable it; Convert to B/W Pro v2.01 is fully functional for 30 days only.
An activation code has yet to be found for this plug-in. If you know of one, Please add it to the page.

ALSO: Convert to B/W Pro Version 3 is not included in our archives. Please help out with locating this final version of the Convert to B/W Pro plug-in. Thanks.


Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

This Plug-in is for PPC versions of Photoshop.
Tested working OK in CS 1, Mac OS X 10.4.11 (+ Rosetta in 10.6.8) and with Photoshop 6 in Mac OS 9.2.2

Notes for SheepShaver:
As this plug-in is contained inside of a Carbon package, it likely requires Mac OS 9.1 and later in the package form. However, it is possible use it in SheepShaver by removing the classic component from the package and use that with earlier versions of the Mac OS. - I've tested this method as working OK with Photoshop 6 in Mac OS 8.6 + CarbonLib 1.4, on SheepShaver.


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by kamacie - 2020, January 24 - 10:54pm