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Commotion Pro - V4.1

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MD5: 0c1150816c53bf1d09907ff6a9429410
For Mac OS X
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Commotion Pro was a great compositing software, comparable to After Effects in some ways, but much much better. This very promising software was bought and discontinued by Pinnacle in the early 2000's.

4.1c is the very last version of the software, featuring the ability to export a sequence from Final Cut Pro 2.0.2-3.0 to Commotion Pro in one step. It was briefly bundled with Final Cut Pro 3.0 before Apple created their own bundle of video editing software with FCP5, "Final Cut Studio".

Commotion Pro 4 Serial Number: 2LM45-PRO-123456-9PK.

Requires Pinnacle Systems DV500 hardware to run outside of demo mode.

See also: Commotion 1.0.5

Architecture: PPC


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by systemseven - 2018, April 16 - 10:47pm

1.0.5 added as well