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ColorKnit 3.0

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ColorKnit_img.sit (67.30 KB)
MD5: ffcf2bb5b3be37218a60e02b7c1991e8
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: Mini vMac

According to the documentation: "ColorKnit is a simple grid-based program to help knitters create designs and give them an accurate preview of how they will look when knitted up."

Since it can save images as PICT files, ColorKnit can also be used as a pixel graphic editor.

I know nothing about knitting, so have no idea how these images can be used to actually knit clothing or what the application's knitting-based options mean.

The application is on a DiskCopy 4.2 disk image (1.44MB) in a StuffIt 3.5 archive.

Architecture: 68k

The application runs in black and white on monochrome Macs with MacPaint style patterns instead of colours.