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Coaster 1.1.3

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Coaster1.1.3.sit (181.37 KB)
MD5: d495cf36279319b37fd8d11f30326a03
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Coaster1.0.7b.sit (229.87 KB)
MD5: 7673f7819582ddc2dd094a96b3e709fb
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Coaster1.0.6.sit (254.85 KB)
MD5: c78dabecf193a9479dc5c90f6c64feb6
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Coaster1.068k.sit (155.77 KB)
MD5: 2b21565b974be37f4b46d9507cb3d74e
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Coaster0.9.8b.sit_.bin (155.41 KB)
MD5: 86e090c8fb451acd60b9debace91a785
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CoasterTimer.sit (35.89 KB)
MD5: e9651e098a3048a90649007dc16570fe
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Timed_Recording_Split.sit (6.18 KB)
MD5: 89fd568587f2b47162d692abccf5bc4d
Guides on emulating older applications

Coaster is a little direct-to-disk recording utility writing standard AIFF files.
It features setting of input source, sample rate and sample size, mono/stereo selection, input gain (stereo where available), accurate level meters with headroom indication, clipping detection.

Further features: click elimination, automatic recording based on incoming signal level with file splitting, and manual file splitting on the fly; balloon help; supports AppleScript (timer recording script included). Performs very well in the background.

Included: tutorial, manual and a few scripts.

Download 1 is Coaster v1.1.3 ppc only

Download 2 is Coaster v1.0.7b last fat 68k & ppc beta version have no manual & no script
Download 3 is Coaster v1.0.6 fat 68k & ppc

Download 4 is Coaster v1.0.5 last 68k only version
Download 5 is Coaster v0.9.8b last 68k version not requiring Appearance Manager

Download 6 is "New Timed Recording Script" is an AppleScript script for sound recording
Download 7 is "Timed Recording with settable split interval" is another AppleScript script for sound recording

I think it would be nice to have this app on MG
Still available from :

Architecture: 68k PPC

Mac OS 8 to OS 9.2.2 for ppc
Sound Manager 3.x with Sound Input Manager compatible sound input hardware. Runs on PPC machines only! Needs a monitor with 256 colors or 16 grayscales; 13MB of free RAM.

Fat v1.0.7b&v1.0.6 & 68k v1.0.5 : System 7.1 or later with Appearance Manager Extension - not included!), Sound Manager 3.x with Sound Input Manager compatible sound input hardware. Needs a monitor with 256 colors or 16 grayscales; 5MB of free RAM.
v0.9.8b Runs on 68k Macs (requires processor Motorola 68020 or higher)

Note : Compatible sound input hardware;
Sound Input Device capable of asynchronous operation (most Macs come standard with sound input capabilities, but not all allow asynchronous recording)

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to turn off Virtual Memory when using Coaster. Otherwise, there might be drop-outs in the recording.


Deckard's picture
by Deckard - 2015, February 6 - 7:21am

I use this to digitize vinyl on a Power Mac 7600 with built-in RCA ports. Highly recommended.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2015, February 5 - 9:48am

I added the beta versions because they were offered at the download page too. They might be useful if they are bugs in the last offered versions as they are newer ones.
Good job for sorting the downloads again for better overview ! Laughing out loud

Laurier's picture
by Laurier - 2015, February 6 - 7:36am

Thanks Kitchen2010 i was not shure about uploading the beta version and script since the 1.0.7b as only the app. include no manual and no script also the script include are very similar to the one you upload an i have never try them.
I made a clean up so everything is easier to find PPC, Fat and 68k.