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ClarisWorks for Win v1.0

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (2.44 MB)
MD5: 7cec273ae4f4db8d8b0aa4d7ee309329
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ClarisWorks 1.0 for Windows was the 1st major software release produced by Claris to be ported to the Windows platform. Archived here is ClarisWorks 1.0v1 for Windows (English language).

MD5 checksum & filename: 7cec273ae4f4db8d8b0aa4d7ee309329 *

This .zip archive contains floppy disk images of the original install set of two 1.4MB disks. The disk images are in ".IMA" format which can be accessed via various methods, see the archives' included ReadMe text document for more info.

Documents created by ClarisWorks version 1.0v1 on Windows and ClarisWorks version 1.0v4 on the Macintosh are interchangeable. Consequently, you can create a ClarisWorks document on Windows and edit it on a Macintosh computer and vice versa.

Other Windows versions: ClarisWorks 3, ClarisWorks 4, ClarisWorks 5, AppleWorks 5, AppleWorks 6

Architecture: x86 (Windows)

This Windows version will run on Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 & Win NT 4.
It also runs well under Virtual PC or SoftWindows

Minimum requirements:
Windows OS: 3.1 (Enhanced Mode).
CPU: 386

Installs & runs OK on XP if installed to C:\CLARIS
Optimized for an 8bit display (256 colors)
Some artifacts noticed if display is set to higher resolutions.


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, May 15 - 5:41am

YW. But you will never get an official vers 2 for Windows as Claris skipped the Windows version releases from 1 to 3. Whats archived here at the Garden, minus incremental updates & different language releases, is complete.

I don't know if there were Windows v2 test versions, but I guess there may have been.

I would very much like to see an English language Windows ClarisWorks 3.0 archived to here.

Fortuna Wave's picture
by Fortuna Wave - 2014, May 15 - 5:35am

Thanks a lot MikeTomTom. Now I just need a version 2.0 of ClarisWorks for Windows.