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BurnItAgainSam (aka BurnAgain)

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burnitagainsam_1.0.dmg (547.64 KB)
For Mac OS X
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burnitagainsam_1.2.dmg (553.56 KB)
For Mac OS X
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BurnItAgainSam_v.1.3.dmg (573.03 KB)
For Mac OS X
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burnitagainsam_1.45.dmg (616.19 KB)
For Mac OS X
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burnitagainsam_2.0.2.dmg (748.14 KB)
For Mac OS X
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burnagain_2.2.1.dmg (697.13 KB)
For Mac OS X
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burnagain_2.5.1.dmg (615.70 KB)
For Mac OS X
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BurnItAgainSam lets you burn files to a CDR multiple times, and the resulting CDR shows all the files ever burnt together, as if you would have burnt them at once (and not in multiple sessions). Equally named files or folders are replaced when burning. The CDR also works under windows and you can rename your CDR at each burn. More technically, BurnItAgainSam is a tool that burns selected folders or files as a ISO 9660 Joliet rock ridge multi-session cross-platform CDR, that links to previous sessions if they are available. (adapted from the product description)

Registration for v. 1.x.x
Name: Registered User
Code: 466541246654140

V. 2.0.2 is the last version with the name BurnItAgainSam. From version 2.0.3, the software became a Universal Binary and was renamed BurnAgain with the version numbering continuing uninterrupted. The author also began publishing as freeridecoding rather than as ToolsonTEN. I do not have a copy of v. 2.0.3. Neither do I have a registration code that works for v. 2.0.2 (I have a code for v. 2.0 but it does not work for v. 2.0.2, strangely)

Registration code for v. 2.2.1 and v. 2.5.1 (released 2006)
Name: any
Code: 102769626957

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Versions prior to 2.0.3 are for PPC
Versions from v. 2.0.3 and later are Universal Binaries (PPC & Intel)

Mac OS X 10.3